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Front Door Window Cover - Sprinter 2019 - Current(Pair)

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Color: Charcoal Gray

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When you're on the road, privacy in your cab at night is paramount. Install this pair of covers to instantly give your home on wheels more security and temperature regulation.


What’s Included:
[2] Front Door Window Covers (Left and Right Doors)
[1] Storage Sack

NOTE: If you have doors with grab handles (like in the 4x4), this product can accommodate this easily, just fold the flap backward in this location.


There's not much metal around the top of a sprinter's front door. These covers are designed to be oversized and fit in your window with both magnets and friction in the door frame. Should you open the door with the cover in place, it is best to close the door and reposition the window cover again from inside. If the cover gets in between the door and the rubber seal, it might create a space for it to leak if it rains.


    • Superior Temperature Regulation. Automotive Grade Insulation ensures you stay cool on hot days & toasty on cold nights.
    • 100% Light Blocking. Designed for stealth camping, all covers have external facing black fabric & a perfect fit to block light leakage.
    • Magnets With Maximum Holding Power. Each rare earth magnet is strategically sized and stitched into position - our covers stay put while you're on the go.
    • Environmentally Friendly. Fabric is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.
    • Quick & Easy Install. Set up or pack up & store in minutes
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