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Expion360 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery

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For the adventurous at heart and the dedicated off-grid enthusiast, Johnson RV is excited to present the Expion360 e360 Battery. Tailored for the rigorous demands of RV, overland, van building, marine, and off-grid applications, this 100Ah Group 27 LiFePO4 battery is a testament to power and resilience.

Crafted with advanced LiFePO4 chemistry and encased in robust stainless steel 26650 cylindrical cells, the e360 Battery is designed to thrive under the harshest conditions. Its impressive durability is matched by a generous 12-year warranty, promising reliable, long-term power for all your journeys.

Weighing just 29.3 lbs and measuring 11.93 x 6.81 x 8.82 inches, this compact powerhouse is IP66 rated for moisture protection, ensuring it performs in any environment. UL1642 recognized for cell safety and UL1973 compliant, the e360 Battery from Expion360 sets the standard for secure, efficient energy on the go.

Embrace the freedom of consistent, high-performance power with the e360 Battery. Engineered in Central Oregon for peak safety and performance, it's the ideal upgrade for your RV, overland vehicle, van conversion, marine craft, or off-grid setup. Trust in Expion360 to power your next adventure.
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