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Mid City Engineering Camera On-Demand - Sprinter

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The Mid City Engineering Rear Camera On-Demand System represents the pinnacle of vehicular safety and convenience, specifically designed for the modern RVer who values both security and ease of use. This innovative system integrates effortlessly with your RV, offering unparalleled rear visibility at the touch of a button. Whether you're navigating through tight spots or keeping an eye on your towed belongings, this system provides crystal-clear imagery to make every moment of your journey as safe as it is enjoyable.


2019-2024 Sprinter Cutaway Chassis: 907RVC-I

Compatible with Mercedes & Freightliner Sprinters 2019-2024 (907) with rear only camera & MBUX radio.*

*Note: some MBUX radios do not have a NAVI/MAP button and the NAVI/MAP button is used to activate the camera on-demand. Mid City is working on firmware that supports these radios and hope to release it soon. If the vehicle does not have a NAVI/MAP button on the MBUX radio, please let us know and we will let you know when the new firmware is available. If the vehicle does have the NAVI/MAP button on the MBUX radio and a rear only camera, the system will work with the current firmware.


2019-2024 Sprinter 360 Degree Camera On-Demand: 907-OBD-360-1

Sprinter 360 Degree Camera On-Demand Programmer: Allows OEM 360 Camera Button to Work at Speeds Above 10MPH

Two programming options available. Allows OEM 360 degree camera to be turned on at speeds above 10 MPH OR use 360 camera without any 10 MPH auto cutoff for full control

  • Plug & play OBD programmer
  • The OEM 360 camera button only activates the 360 degree camera at speeds below 10 MPH. Remove that limitation with this programmer. 
  • For vehicles equipped with backup camera only will allow for backup camera on-demand if  it is equipped with the factory parking sensors. If the vehicle only has a rear camera with NO parking sensors, you will want to use the 907RVC-I

*Additional charges for shop supplies/shipping may apply

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