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  • Watch satellite TV wherever you go, while in-motion
  • Maximum provider flexibility allows DISH, DIRECTV or Bell TV programming 
  • Sleek, compact unit has the smallest footprint and requires minimal roof space  
  • New motors and updated algorithms reduce noise levels and improve tracking capabilities


  • 100% Automatic - Fully automatic roof mounted antenna that finds satellite orbital locations making it easy to watch your favorite TV shows away from home.
  • Watch TV Anywhere - Watch LIVE programming while traveling down the road. Or record while on the go to watch later. The RoadTrip T4 in-motion satellite antenna delivers DISH, DIRECTV, and Bell TV programming.
  • Simple Setup and Operation - Simple one button on/off operation. The RoadTrip T4 quickly locks on to satellites anywhere in the U.S. for reliable signal, giving you unlimited TV viewing with no data overages or buffering!
  • Multi-TV Viewing - Two coax outputs allow you to add an additional receiver for two TVs, for two times the programming! Watch different shows on different TVs.
  • Updated Design - Updated design reduces noise and improves tracking to give you the ultimate TV viewing experience on the road.
  • Sleek and Compact Design - The smallest in-motion antenna. The RoadTrip T4 requires minimal roof space and no storage space.


  • Acquisition Type: Automatic
  • Maximum Receiver Capability: 2
  • Viewing Capability: 1 at a time (automatic)
  • Tracking Type: In-Motion
  • Reception Types: SD/HD (depending on provider)
  • Compatible Satellites: DISH 110° (SD/HD) 119° (SD/HD) 129° (SD/HD); DIRECTV 101° (SD) 119° (SD); Bell TV 82° (SD/HD) 91° (SD/HD)
  • Elevation Range: 18-65°
  • Azimuth Range: 0-416°
  • Material: UV-protected plastic dome
  • Warranty: 2-Year Parts
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