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TOPO 2.0 System Ford Transit AWD (2020-Present)

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**Ford TOPO 2.0 Suspension Lift System for 2020-Present Ford Transit AWD**

Elevate the ride quality and stance of your Ford Transit AWD with the Ford TOPO 2.0 Suspension Lift System. Designed to offer a genuine 2.0-inch lift for enhanced ground clearance while adhering to factory alignment specifications, this system is ideal for improving your vehicle's ride quality. Tailored specifically for the 2020-Present AWD Transit models, this lift kit accommodates both single and dual rear wheel configurations and is optimized for stock passenger vans, light camper conversions, and dual rear wheel work vans requiring extra clearance.

**Base Kit Includes:**

- **Topo Front Lift Kit:** Features a 0.75-inch lift camber correction plate paired with a custom-tuned coil spring, providing approximately 1.25 inches of lift and an increase in compression travel, meticulously engineered to fit around the 2020 AWD Transit's unique packaging and front CV shaft constraints.
- **Rear Lift:** Achieved with a 2-inch billet aluminum block, tailored for the AWD configuration to avoid binding the CV and preventing premature boot failure.
- **Rear Falcon 2.1 Monotube Shocks:** Custom-tuned dampers with a 2.35-inch piston to mitigate harshness on rough roads and reduce bounce and lateral sway over uneven terrain. Includes Rear Shock Relocation Brackets for added ground clearance and protection of the shock shaft.

**Optional Add-Ons:**

- **Falcon 3.3 SP2 Adjustable Rear Shocks:** Elevate your suspension with these advanced dampers, featuring a 2.35-inch piston for superior ride smoothness across varied terrains. An easy-to-adjust knob allows for quick tuning adjustments based on load, terrain, and preference, enhancing stability and comfort. The intuitive design includes Rear Shock Relocation Brackets for extra clearance and shock protection.

- **5 Leaf Mini Spring Pack:** This add-on enhances the rear lift with a proven 5 leaf mini pack that integrates with the factory leaf pack, offering a 10-15% increase in spring rate. Depending on the vehicle's weight, it lifts the rear by 2.0" to 2.5". Designed with friction-reducing tips for a smooth, quiet ride.

Enhance your Ford Transit's performance and stance with the TOPO 2.0 System, tailored for versatility and superior ride quality. Choose the base kit for a significant improvement or customize further with our high-quality add-ons for the ultimate suspension upgrade.


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