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Voodoo Interior Ladder

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The Voodoo Interior Ladder was born out of the mysterious witchcraft of the Rigwell R&D lab. It’s here to blow minds and change the van ladder game forever. The Voodoo Interior Ladder is the first ladder that sits on the INSIDE of your van. Why would you want the ladder to be inside the van? There are many reasons, but security is probably the number one reason. I don't know about you, but I don't want just anybody able to climb up the side of my van. Secondly, the Voodoo makes no wind noise and cannot catch trees on those tight trails. Rigwell has designed their ladder to be easy to climb and multifunctional.

- First interior ladder 
- Built from aluminum
- Security. Keep people off your roof
Weighs only 14 lbs
Works with Nomad Murphy Bed
Uses existing holes
Easy to climb
Tree brand catch free
No wind noise
Better fuel economy
Multifunctional holes and molle compatible
Made in the USA

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